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    Fresh Sprouts

    Soil grown organic sprouts are one of the must-eat-foods that should be incorporated in your diet on a daily basis – throughout your life.


    Chocoate For Your Health

    May 2015, Rejuvenating Spring, Sjonum Yoga & your friends at Spring Time Farm will bring you the Kerala adventure of a lifetime. Be prepared to indulge in the best of South India from stunning beaches to scenic tea plantations; from majestic elephants to sacred temples; from the freshest fruit to the serene backwaters, this trip will be like never before.

    Rejuvenating Spring

    Don’t miss out, come with us! Experience India in all it’s splendour.

    Kerala Adventure
    May 5 2015 - May 22 2015

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    Welcome to Rejuvenating Spring Holistic Health Company

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    Sacha Inchi Seeds

    Sacha Inchi Seeds

    A delicious, nutty flavour filled with essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the richest source found in nature. Kindly grown for us by the Amazon rainforest, these seeds contain a precursor to the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin 3. Sacha Inchi seeds grow in the tropics in star-anise shaped pods and draw their nutrition from the fertile soils of jungle-like…


    Need A Drink? Think…Kombucha!

    Kombucha is the new most popular drink amongst health enthusiasts. Kombucha is a traditional beverage that originated somewhere in central asia and Russia and made its way into China and Japan some 2000 years ago.   Kombucha is originally a fermented black tea, made by use of a special large ‘micro-organism’ (made of yeast and…


    Why Sprout?

    FRESH “LIFE-FORCE NUTRITION” all year round! What are sprouts? Simply, they are microgreens, grown either in soil or water (known as hydroponic sprouting), that develop from a small seed into tiny plants. There are many different varieties to choose from, with a multitude of benefits. Eating sprouts is easy: they are crunchy, fresh, and vibrant,…

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